Hello! This is Ned Truslow and welcome to Nedrock.org! First off, it’s not a charity, so no need to fish out your credit card…unless you are so inclined. The contents of this site are free to all lovers of music, as well as, those of you who might be curious about modern rock history. This isn’t a didactic, scholarly online course. It is simply an archive which holds 650+ pages of articles I wrote in the years 2000 and 2001. Before there was Wikipedia, YouTube, and other extensive net resources, I was tasked with scribing in-depth, fact-packed, entertaining web-based articles documenting the first 45 years of rock music history. My goal was to create accessible and interesting stories which one might find in a print magazine like Vanity Fair or Rolling Stone. Obviously, the world of rock and pop has morphed into new iterations since the time when these pieces were written. But the advent of our current musical culture – that creative blast which spawned rock stars, bad behavior, inspired experimentation, and genre-bending fads — is rooted firmly and irrevocably in the annals of the late 20th century. So, rummage around the vaults here and indulge yourself in these immortal tales of groundbreaking genius, skyrocketing fame, irascible egos, and tragic demises that are guaranteed to rock your senses.